Good Morning, Jack Dorsey

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey is always appreciative of his mornings. So much so that he likes to tweet about his daily gift quite often.

1. In the beginning, all we could do was talk about it. So Jack did just that.

5. He did it a lot.

7. This is believed to be the first time Jack ever tweeted a pic of a sunrise. (It could have been you, yfrog)

9. He continued

13. AND THEN IT HAPPENED! Jack got an Instagram account. A new passion for AM photography was born.

15. Gorgeous

17. Square And The City

Did Jack sleep in a forest this night? Was this an AirBNB gone wrong? Not to worry since Jack made the best of it.

29. PS. Jack gets to travel a lot.

32. This was a sad morning.

34. And then it was over with Instagram.

Instagram was actually sold on April 9th. Which makes more sense of this. Jack hasn’t instagrammed since that morning.

35. But, ALAS, a new love was born. With Twitter.

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38. And so it was and will forever be

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42. Until a new kid takes over the block

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