13 Life Lessons To Learn From Bo Burnham’s Latest Comedy Special

If you haven’t watched “what.” yet, you’ve got a lot to learn. Find it for free on Netflix or YouTube right now.

1. Words are important.

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2. Be honest about your past.

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3. Tell it like it is.

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4. Keep your friends and family close.

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5. The world is filled with horrible people.

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6. Love at first sight is real.

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7. First impressions are important - also, art is a lie.

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8. There are plenty of fish in the sea, but stay outta there.

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10. God is probably way simpler than people imagine him to be.

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11. Pop stars may not, like, actually love you. Just a heads up.

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12. But still: repeat stuff, repeat stuff.

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13. Know your audience.

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To see Bo’s latest creative comedic achievements, watch the full special on his YouTube channel, or find it on Netflix:

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