Your Guide To Every April Fools’ Day Prank On The Internet

It’s the first of April and NOTHING is safe. Here’s a guide to help you figure what is real and what is pure hogwash. Together, we can get through this.

1. The U.S. Army is planning on weaponizing cats.

ID: 1030975

2. American Eagle is selling spray-on skinny jeans.

ID: 1030981

3. YouTube reaveals it was actually just a contest to find the best video and is finally shutting down.

ID: 1030979

4. Google Maps is adding a treasure map feature.

ID: 1030980

5. Gmail is adding a much-needed “blue” feature.

ID: 1030982

6. And Google is adding a search-by-smell feature called Google Nose.

ID: 1030987

7. Sony is designing headphones for cats.

ID: 1031056

8. Scope released bacon mouthwash.

ID: 1030988

9. Reddit’s r/Murica switched to r/France.

ID: 1031060

10. Justin Bieber fans are spending the day mimicking everything Justin says and does online.

ID: 1031067

11. And One Directioners are going to break up with the band.

ID: 1031069

12. Twitter is going to ban vowels and charge you $5 to use them again.

ID: 1031076

13. Birchbox added Birchbox for actual boxes.

ID: 1031276

14. And Hulu is only advertising fake shows like Rural Juror, Itchy And Scratchy, or Inspector Spacetime

ID: 1031081

15. The Guardian released a new product that lets readers see only liberal or conservative augmented realities.

ID: 1031300

16. The Telegraph releases on article about a new “Lights Tzar.”

ID: 1031301

17. Virgin announces a glass-bottom plane.

ID: 1031302

18. Ted Cruz, Senator of Texas posted this:

ID: 1031310

19. If you go to Digg and use the Konami code (up up, down down, left, right, left, right, B, A) the site will Rickroll you.

ID: 1031319

20. Canadian airline West Jet introduces their “furry family” program.

ID: 1031328

21. Kayak has added a new “dates” section.

ID: 1031339

22. The White House released a video message from “Kid President.”

ID: 1031497

23. DeviantArt releases DeviantHEART, the online dating site for artists.

ID: 1031500

24. Imgur adds a “snail mail” feature.

ID: 1031503

25. The Pirate Bay becomes The Freedom Bay.

ID: 1031509

26. Tic Tac released a pizza flavor.

ID: 1031514

27. BMW released the P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile).

ID: 1031517

28. George Takei switched sides to Star Wars.

ID: 1031533

29. Vimeo became Vimeow.

ID: 1031537

30. Subaru released a methane-powered car.

ID: 1031545

31. The Whole Foods’ Cattle Cam, which lets you watch what you eat eat.

ID: 1031555

32. Seamless is letting you upgrade your food deliveryperson.

ID: 1031572

33. Aer Lingus announced in-flight riverdancing, among other initiatives.

ID: 1031580

34. And this:

ID: 1031649

35. Urban Outfitter’s Maxi Tube Dress.

ID: 1031678

36. Oberlin College filled their homepage with cats.

ID: 1031726

37. Soundcloud added a “Here’s the drop” feature.

ID: 1031730

38. WNYC has peep-vision, which is activated when you type peep on the homepage.

ID: 1031749

39. LA Weekly has turned into The Onion.

ID: 1031787

40. Netflix added some very specific categories:

ID: 1031818

41. Astronaut Chris Hadfield posted this photo of “space debris” to his Twitter.

ID: 1031883

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