People Being Massive Jerks For No Reason (Presented In GIF Form)

People are giant jerks to each other all the time, everywhere, and it’s totally lame! Here’s a guide that might help.

1. People act like jerks to their friends…

ID: 321293

4. People don’t respect authority figures.

ID: 321258

5. That’s not how you dance at a concert, that’s completely unreasonable! What a jerk.

ID: 321193

6. People act like jerks at school…

ID: 321189

10. People act like jerks to trains.

ID: 321159

11. People act like jerks even when they ride bicycles.

ID: 321223

12. And roommates definitely aren’t safe!

ID: 321267

17. And don’t get me started on the workplace!

ID: 321301

20. Jerk scientists, that’s what this is.

ID: 321308

21. This entire audience is full of jerks.

ID: 331293

22. Same with this alley full of people.

ID: 331382

23. And don’t think that animals can’t be total jerks too.

ID: 331226

28. I know this is just a person in a panda suit, but it doesn’t make them any less of a bully.

ID: 332288

29. I don’t know what they said, but someone’s being really mean to James Franco.

ID: 332276

30. You just know athletes are big jerks sometimes.

ID: 332318
ID: 332375

34. I don’t know what sport this is but it looks like it’s full of jerks.

ID: 332363

35. I’m a big fan of his acting, but Tommy Lee Jones needs an attitude adjustment.

ID: 332380

36. You just know this dude’s a jerk, look at that face!

ID: 332391

37. So just remember, if anyone tries to bring you down don’t let them!

ID: 332399
ID: 332410
ID: 332403
ID: 332407

And just remember that you’re…

ID: 332437

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