Hey BuzzFeed, How Is Everyone Feeling Today?

Take our very scientific and awesomely GIF-tastic quiz and let us know how you’re feeling in the comments!

1. If you feel like this cat

ID: 366104

2. Or look like this dog

ID: 366086

3. Or sympathize with this cat

ID: 366097

4. You might be… overwhelmed!

ID: 366123

5. If you woke up feeling like this awesome kid

ID: 366157

6. If you’re dancing like Mr. Rodgers

ID: 366160

7. Or look like this guy

ID: 366164

8. You might be… cool as heck!

ID: 366168

9. If you totally know how this cat feels

ID: 366178

10. Or feel like this little girl

ID: 366185

11. Or look like Raven Symone does right now

ID: 366197

12. You might be… totally stressed!

ID: 366200

13. Do you feel like this guy?

ID: 366218

14. Or this cat?

ID: 366226

15. Do you look like Will Smith right now?

ID: 366240

16. You might be… excited!

ID: 366247

17. Are you not having it like this cat?

ID: 366340

18. Do you feel little bit like Rihanna today?

ID: 366348

19. Well, if you feel like this

ID: 366361

20. You might be… mad!

ID: 366366

21. If you’re as upset as this panda

ID: 366446

22. If you’re crying

ID: 366387

23. If you look like this cat

ID: 366391

24. You might be… depressed!

ID: 366449

25. Are you this bunny in an office?

ID: 366462

26. Are you this sun bear cub struggling to stay awake?

ID: 366466

27. Are your eyelids getting heavy?

ID: 366474

28. Well that means you might be… exhausted!

ID: 366482

29. If you’re feeling like this

ID: 366573

30. Or this

ID: 366574

31. Or this

ID: 366575

32. You might be… losing it… :/

ID: 366606

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