Everything You Need To Know About Incurable Gonorrhea

“A true superbug that initiates a future era of untreatable gonorrhea,” say scientists from your nightmares. Patients at a clinic in Toronto were reported to have a strain of the disease that was untreatable by antibiotics.

1. The CDC is reporting that a slew of “incurable,” antibiotic resistant gonorrhea cases have been reported in North America.

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2. Last year, the World Health Organization and Centers For Disease Control And Prevention warned that incurable Gonorrhea would soon be a reality.

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Before now, incurable instances of gonorrhea had been found largely in the United Kingdom, Austria, France, Norway, and Japan.

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Public Health Ontario found that 6.7 percent of patients with gonorrhea at a Toronto clinic still had the disease after a round of cephalosporin treatment.

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3. Cephalosporin is an oral antibiotic that at the moment is the last effective treatment for patients who’ve contracted the disease.

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Gonorrhea is estimated to infect close to 700,000 Americans each year.

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4. Symptoms include painful urination, abdominal pain, genital discharge, itching, and infertility in women.

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5. In a recent study released in the National Library Of Medicine, a team of Japanese and Swedish scientists described the new unbeatable strain as “a true superbug that initiates a future era of untreatable gonorrhea.”

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(Sources: US News, Clevelandleader, NYTimes Blog)

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