Common Misconceptions Everyone Believes That Totally Aren’t True

Here are all the things you’ve been told are true, but absolutely aren’t. Knowledge is power!

1. Contrary to the phrase “blind as a bat,” bats are actually not blind, it’s just that their eyes aren’t as functional as their amazing hearing and smell.

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2. Most meteorites are actually very cold when they hit the Earth.

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3. The amount of tryptophan in turkey doesn’t make you sleepy. Huge meals of meats and starches (with way too much wine) make you sleepy.

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4. Cracking your knuckles doesn’t cause arthritis. It does however make you look like a total badass.

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5. The red juice that comes out of raw meat isn’t blood, it’s a mixture of a protein called myoglobin and water.

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6. The Great Chicago Fire was not caused by a cow kicking over a lantern, which was actually made up by a newspaper because it was a better story.

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You still shouldn’t trust cows though.

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7. Humans actually have 5 kinds of tastebuds, the 5th is used for detecting savory flavors, like soy sauce or mushrooms.

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8. The sun isn’t yellow, it’s actually white, but the light gets scattered in our atmosphere and becomes yellow.

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9. You don’t lose more body heat through your head than anywhere else on your body, it works out to about 10% leaving through your head.

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10. Lemmings don’t walk off cliffs on purpose. They are adorable though.

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11. Men don’t think about sex every 7 seconds, because that varies greatly from person to person and is almost impossible to measure.

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12. The phrase “I could care less” is grammatically incorrect, if you could care less, it means you care about it. Duh.

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13. Sugar doesn’t make you hyperactive.

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14. Alcohol doesn’t make you warmer.

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15. The idea of being left or right brained making you artistic or good at math is a total myth.

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16. The Bible actually never specifies what kind of fruit Adam and Eve eat from the tree.

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17. Sir Arthur Conan Doyle never had Sherlock Holmes say “Elementary, my dear Watson.” The catchphrase comes from a 1929 film adaptation.

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18. Einstein did drop out of school, but he also had amazing grades.

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19. Your hair and fingernails don’t keep growing after you die.

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20. According to the Red Cross, it’s not that big of a deal if you eat right before swimming.

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21. Waking a sleepwalker doesn’t cause them to harm themselves.

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22. Watching too much TV doesn’t affect your eyesight. It does however make you fat, depressed, and aggressive.

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23. There are more than 3 primary colors because scientifically primary colors don’t exist.

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24. You can’t see the Great Wall Of China from space. No Astronaut, according to NASA, has ever seen it.

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25. Touching someone who has poison ivy can’t give you poison ivy. It has to come from the leaves.

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26. Johannes Gutenberg didn’t invent the world’s first printing press. Printing presses in China have existed since around 593 AD.

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27. “Dog years” aren’t a set thing and actually vary by breed.

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28. You have way more than 5 senses. Scientists put the total somewhere between 14-20, depending on your definition of “sense.”

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So there you have it, your entire life has been a lie. Go out and spread the word!

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