A Japanese TV Show Challenged A Gay Man To See If He Could Make A Straight Porn Star Orgasm

Japan understands what people want to watch on television. [NSFW]

1. In this clip from August, that was discovered by Uproxx on Friday, a straight Japanese porn star is put in a box and then receives oral sex from a gay bar owner.

2. According to the Daily Motion description, it’s from a comedy show called Poko x Tate. The segment is called “Orgasm Wars”:

In this episode of Japanese comedy show Poko x Tate, AV (adult video) actor Sawai Ryo battles it out with Shinjuku’s District 2 (Tokyo’s infamous gay area) bar owner Takuya.

Sawai claims he has so much ‘climax control’ that no one can make him come if he doesn’t want to. Takuya however claims he has never not been able to make another man come. Who will win this epic battle?

3. The clip’s really long, and we don’t want to blow it for you, but here’s what came out of this experiment in amazing television.

4. It’s really touch and go for a while.

5. Will straight porn star Sawai Ryo keep up his defense for as long as he can?

6. But then it looks like this stiff competition comes to a finish.

7. When Takuya, a bar owner in Tokyo’s infamous gay area, slides his head out of the box to reveal…

8. Well, you get the idea.

The clip is a parody of Hoko X Tate (sword vs shield), a Japanese gameshow that pits opposite types of people against each other in ironic challenges. The parody is called Poko X Tate, which is part of a racy late night talk show that airs on satellite TV at 2 am. Think of it as a Japanese Howard Stern.

10. Cool. Thanks Japan!

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