BNP Twitter Account Gets Hacked, Barely Anyone Notices

The hacker also targeted MEP Nick Griffin’s Twitter feed and his official website.

1. A hacker took over the BNP (British National Party) Twitter account on Thursday.

ID: 2887850

4. According to this Twitter conversation, the hacker chose the BNP as a “random target”.

ID: 2887846

5. Next, the hacker branched out to BNP leader Nick Griffin MEP’s own Twitter account.

ID: 2887845

8. For, apparently, “no political reasons”.

ID: 2887932

10. And apparently took his website down, too.

ID: 2887852

11. The hacker called themselves “Anonymous”, and claims to be an ex-member of a group called “Venezuelan Hackers”.

ID: 2887916

12. The hacking didn’t cause a Twitter-storm, however.

BNP twitter hacked. Literally no one notices

— Alan White (@aljwhite)
ID: 2887806

13. In fact, some people preferred the hacked content.

The childish comments posted by the people who hacked the BNP Twitter account are the most sensible things ever posted on it.

— Daniel (@Lawoodle)
ID: 2887808

14. Few others noticed.

The BNP twitter feed/website has been hacked and it is barely noticeable

— Felicity Morse (@FelicityMorse)
ID: 2887807

15. Whoever normally runs the BNP’s Twitter account doesn’t seem to have regained control yet.

ID: 2887844

16. At the time of writing, the hacked tweets have yet to be deleted.

ID: 2887848

17. Update: In an interview with BuzzFeed, the hacker Anon_0x03 said that they had targeted the BNP’s account because it was “fun”.

“It’s just like another target to own, nothing special,” they said. “We didn’t know about BNP’s ideologies, we only found out when my colleague spoke with another user and she/he told him about it.”

ID: 2888736

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Robyn Wilder is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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