These People Tried To Fit A Sofa Into A Tiny Car And It Went Pretty Much As You’d Expect

Can’t fit, won’t fit.

1. Hey, how many three-seater sofas can you fit into a tiny car?

ID: 3606719

3. What if you try a different angle?

ID: 3606768

5. What if one person takes off all the sofa cushions while the other rings Dr Stephen Hawking to see if he can bend the laws of physics?

ID: 3606764

6. Yeah, still no.

Never mind. Thanks Graeme Longden for teaching us this important lesson.

ID: 3606766

7. Watch the whole effort here.

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We originally said this car was a Ford Fiesta, and a few people have pointed out that it wasn’t. Thanks, those people!

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Graeme Longden was behind this amazing video!

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Robyn Wilder is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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