28 Problems Anyone With A Baby-Face Will Relate To

No, I haven’t lost my mummy.

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1. People still think that this gesture counts as an appropriate greeting.

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2. Even your coworkers.

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3. In fact, everyone at work who doesn’t know you just assumes you’re the intern.

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4. And gets confused if you make a pop culture reference that’s more than 12 months old.

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5. You still experience The Fear whenever you try to buy something with an age restriction.

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6. When you try to “be sexy” it often goes horribly wrong.

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7. You can’t laugh without someone going “awww”.

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8. Every time Alvin and the Chipmunks is shown on TV, you ready yourself for a barrage of comparisons.

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9. People who come to your front door always ask if your parents are home.

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Even if you live alone.

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10. You’re trying to retire several nicknames that have “baby” in them.

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11. It’s not really working.

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12. On a good day, you can pass for someone half your age.

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13. Which means you can get child tickets on the bus (which is admittedly brilliant).

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14. You’re constantly being mistaken for pupil or a student. Even when you’re a teacher. Or a cop.

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15. Children hit on you.

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16. Teenagers condescend to you.

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17. Occasionally very slightly younger people will mistake you for one of them, and you’ll play along.

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18. But when they move on to the third club of the night, you’ll start to flag.

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19. You may look like a pre-schooler, but you’ve got work in the morning, damnit.

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20. You dread becoming pregnant in case people think you’re 11 and that something has gone terribly wrong.

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21. Or hanging out with children in public, in case people mistake you for a babysitter-turned-kidnapper.

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22. You’ve experimented with looking “older” - wearing ties, frowning all the time, calling everyone around you “son”.

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23. You’ve even seriously considered a dimplectomy.

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24. But no matter what you do, you only have one look: cute.

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25. You have to fight to get people to take you seriously.

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26. Still, at least you know you’ll never look truly old.

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27. You don’t age like normal humans. You’re basically Dorian Gray up in here.

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Momentum / tumblr.com

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28. Although, if you ever discover a self-portrait in your attic, it’ll probably be a good idea not to look at it too closely.

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