28 Problems All Absent-Minded People Will Relate To

And then immediately forget.

1. Searching for your glasses while wearing your glasses.

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2. Texting someone to tell them that you can’t find your phone.

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3. Completely blanking on the reason you called when the other person picks up the phone.

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4. Putting one of these in your mouth…

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5. … And throwing one of these in the rubbish.

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6. Having no idea what’s going on in the movie because you started daydreaming during important dialogue.

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7. “Breaking” an item of gossip to the friend who told you it originally.

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8. Momentarily forgetting your best friend’s name.

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9. Having someone buy you a special key-finding gadget because you’re always losing your keys…

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10. … And losing the gadget within minutes (and forever).

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11. Having friends who instinctively check that you have your bag and phone whenever you leave somewhere together.

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12. Only ever managing to say “Happy birthday!” with the word “belated” in the middle.

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13. Never ever being on time, and never ever being able to figure out why.

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14. Walking into a room and wondering why you went in there.

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15. Walking back into the room you came from, and wondering why you were in there.

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16. Basically, being trapped in a cycle of room-tennis for hours at a time.

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17. Dropping a glass because you forgot you were holding a glass.

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18. Buying a new computer because you forgot the password for the old one.

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19. Opening the refrigerator when the microwave dings.

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20. Repeatedly missing your stop on a regular commute.

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21. Getting lost in your own postcode.

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22. Driving off with something still on the roof of your car.

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23. Never knowing the date without checking first.

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24. Or what colour underwear you’re wearing.

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25. Always being reminded that you’re absent-minded, because you keep forgetting.

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26. Constantly making to-do lists to mitigate your absent-mindedness. These lists are of limited help.

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27. Living in constant fear of going on holiday and leaving a family member at home.

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28. Forgetting how many items were supposed to be on this list.

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