19 Delightfully Bizarre Products That Should Definitely Exist

The Tumblr LiarTownUSA is a treasure trove of wonderful weirdness.

1. Why don’t these cat food flavours exist already?

ID: 3428207
24 Feb 2014 / 614 notes
ID: 3428210

2. This book should exist, if only to validate how I currently cook.

ID: 3428220

3. I would have watched the hell out of this in the 1980s.

ID: 3428205

4. Yankee Candles should come in these varieties.

ID: 3428222

5. Finally, a voyage of self-discovery that speaks to me.

ID: 3428225

6. I think I skipped #8 in the series.

ID: 3428236

7. A bit niche, still valid.

ID: 3428234

9. Something for the man who has everything.

ID: 3428235

10. For the man who hates lighthouses.

ID: 3428239

11. I’m not sure whether calling them “ladytime objects” makes them more or less appealing.

ID: 3428242

12. This would go bestseller in a week.

ID: 3428245

13. As would this one.

ID: 3428246

14. I would watch this from behind a cushion.

ID: 3428247

15. As well as all of these.

ID: 3428255

16. And this.

ID: 3428257

17. Another book for the man who has everything.

ID: 3428259

18. Just some kittens.

ID: 3428263

19. And mansplaining, mansplained.

ID: 3428261

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