24 Pregnancy Announcement Photos That Must Be Stopped

Look, just pee on a stick and toss the photo on Facebook like the rest of us. (h/t Awkward Family Photos)

1. These parents, who only recently taught their kid to spell.

ID: 3480811

2. This woolly mother.

ID: 3480831

3. Beer vs baby.

ID: 3480835

4. Bonnie and Clyde need to stop.

ID: 3480847

5. And so do Butch and Sundance.

ID: 3480845

6. “Hello! I’m the pregnant bunny! Here, let me show you my crotch area.”

ID: 3480865

7. Then there are the “arty” shots.

ID: 3480904

8. I hope that’s not a permanent tattoo.

ID: 3480909

9. “Congratulations! It’s a tiny weird man with a blueish bum.”

ID: 3480922

12. Are those children…feeding?

ID: 3480950

13. This is special.

ID: 3480974

14. So is this.

ID: 3480979

15. This couple love to be hydrated.

ID: 3480984

16. Hey kids, you might want to back up a few feet.

ID: 3480990

17. Wait, are pregnant women just full of air?

ID: 3480993

19. I wouldn’t even dream of messing with this family.

ID: 3481007

23. This guy is just rude.

ID: 3481018

24. And I really have no idea what is supposed to be happening here.

ID: 3481159

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