24 Baby Bunnies To Ease You Back Into The Working Week

Forgot how to function over Easter? We have a bunny for that.

1. Are you heartbroken that Easter is over and you’re back at work? / Creative Commons

2. Did you want to cry when your alarm went off this morning? / Creative Commons

3. Were you late into work because you’d spent Easter in your pyjamas and had no idea where your keys were? / Creative Commons

4. Be honest: are you a little bit offended that no one is handing you some chocolate RIGHT AT THIS MOMENT? / Creative Commons

5. Well, never mind. / Creative Commons

6. Have a look at these little guys. / Creative Commons

7. And these cuties. / Creative Commons

8. And these sleepy twins. / Creative Commons

9. And this plucky loner. / Creative Commons

10. Don’t think about the fact that you spent your commute with your face in another man’s fragrant armpit. / Creative Commons

11. Or that you’ve forgotten half the passwords you need to do your job properly. / Creative Commons

12. Or that this time yesterday you were lightly snoozing under half a hot cross bun. / Creative Commons

13. Just let your mind go quiet, and look at these bunnies. / Creative Commons

14. Look at how perky this one is. / Creative Commons

15. Imagine how soft this guy’s fur is. / Creative Commons

16. THIS ONE IS SO FLUFFY. Look at his little twitchy nose. / Creative Commons

17. This bunny is totally chill about messy manicures. / Creative Commons

18. This bunny hasn’t even reached his final form yet. / Creative Commons

19. This bunny isn’t bitter that Easter is over. He just wants to be your buddy. / Creative Commons

20. Do you feel better yet? / Creative Commons

21. The healing power of bunnies is strong. / Creative Commons


24. Now you may go about your day, refreshed.

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Robyn Wilder is a staff writer for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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