37 Wonderful Things That Could Only Happen In Britain

It’s almost enough to make you feel patriotic. Almost.

1. This act of absolute obedience.

ID: 3283927

2. This barbecue.

ID: 3283950

3. This plea for assistance.

ID: 3283969

4. Crumpet rivalry.

ID: 3283973

5. Coin-operated hair straighteners.

ID: 3283980

6. This lorry.

ID: 3283982

7. And this one.

ID: 3283997

8. This play area that is as fun as it is hazardous.

ID: 3283983

9. This guy taking his pony for a wander down the high street.

ID: 3283990

10. This master of disguise.

ID: 3283992

11. When England’s physio dislocated his ankle at the World Cup.

OK, so it happened in Brazil, but you get the point…

ID: 3283995

12. This useful leaflet.

ID: 3283996

13. The time this bendy bus got beaten by a roundabout.

ID: 3283998

14. This approach to lost children.

ID: 3284144

15. This definitely not disgusting sounding beauty treatment.

ID: 3284000

16. Roads that do this.

ID: 3284001

17. This very British approach to coffee.

ID: 3284003

18. These guys who would kill for some chicken.

ID: 3284011

19. This bouncy castle slide shaped like the sinking Titanic.

ID: 3284013

20. This treasonous doodling.

ID: 3284020

21. People taking their vacuum cleaners for a stroll.

ID: 3284022

22. This method of marathon motivation.

ID: 3284024

23. The guy who decided he wanted to catch some rays.

ID: 3284030

24. This varied traffic jam.

ID: 3284031

25. Pasties in nightclubs.

ID: 3284103

26. The woman who doesn’t need an umbrella, thanks.

ID: 3284105

27. The driver who doesn’t care anymore.

ID: 3284107

28. A piece of toast being classed as a “special”.

ID: 3284108

29. The best toilet graffiti you’ll ever see.

ID: 3284110

30. A suede car.

ID: 3284112

31. This ingenious response to not being able to find a seat on the bus.

ID: 3284114

32. This sign.

ID: 3284116

33. Or the one that doesn’t piss about with unnecessary syllables.

ID: 3284139

34. This breaking news.

ID: 3284140

35. The highest commuter in all the land.

ID: 3284142

36. This appeal to the postie’s kind side.

ID: 3284141

37. And finally, the possibility that an evening may end up like this.

ID: 3284143

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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