23 Ways To Swear Like A Pro

NSFW language ahoy.

First off, some words of wisdom from Stephen Fry.

Got that? OK. While we’re on the subject, here’s Adele.

Don’t we all? Here’s how to do it with aplomb.

1. First, think carefully before selecting your swear word.

2. Harness the power of repetition.

3. Invent new combinations.

4. Remember that sometimes gestures speak louder than words.

5. The V sign: old-fashioned, perhaps, but always satisfying.

6. If you’re going to give someone the finger, consider adding a commentary.

9. Give full vent to your emotions.

10. Bring every facial muscle into play.

11. Deploy innovative threats.

12. Never overlook the classics.

13. “Fuck”s are key. Unleash them with full-throated relish.

14. Just make sure you do it with conviction.

15. Accentuate your swear words with actions.

16. Employ elaborate imagery.

17. Master the art of euphemism.

18. Convey a sense of horrified disbelief.

19. Use the C-word sparingly, so as to maximise its impact.

20. Just remember that there are limits.

21. Be coy when the occasion demands it.

22. But most of all: be creative.

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