The 31 Most Pleasurable Things That Have Ever Happened

Just a small reminder that life is occasionally beautiful. Via /r/oddlysatisfying.

1. When these pancakes were even smoother than you.

ID: 3432876

2. The boxes that were made for this truck.

ID: 3432878

3. This supermarket aisle before the doors were opened.

ID: 3432894

4. How this box fits inside that box.

ID: 3432905

5. The prettiest junction in the world.

ID: 3432916

6. These hangers that are better together.

ID: 3432927

7. When the dinner lady was a Tetris champ.

ID: 3432934

8. This shelf that makes everything better.

ID: 3433014

9. February 2015.

ID: 3433017

10. This glass that holds EXACTLY one can of Coke.

ID: 3433019

11. How these sweets are aligned.

ID: 3433027

12. This snake.

ID: 3433029

13. This moment of symmetry in an otherwise chaotic universe.

ID: 3433705

14. This magical ramp/step mash-up.

ID: 3433708

15. When someone took the time to make this happen.

ID: 3433716

16. The sexiest chair stack you’ve ever seen.

ID: 3433745

17. When this bread found its soulmate, and it was called “cheese”.

ID: 3433752

18. The perfect spoonful of peanut butter that will make you feel things you’ve never felt before.

ID: 3433760

19. These trees that are like a beautiful glitch in the matrix.

ID: 3433767

20. The perfect tie knot.

ID: 3433772

21. The time that gum revealed itself to be infinite.

ID: 3433778

22. The walking stick who found his home.

ID: 3433788

23. The time this person won their wrap battle hands down.

ID: 3433796

24. Although this guy put up a brave fight.

ID: 3433855

25. The time it was obvious that everything happens for a reason.

ID: 3433809

26. This one in a million shot (OK, so we haven’t done the maths).

ID: 3433830

27. The bed to end all beds.

ID: 3433834

28. When this paint came off all at once and life got that little bit better.

ID: 3433844

29. When you realised unused toothpaste is as good as it gets.

ID: 3433850

30. This rainbow of satisfaction.

ID: 3433869

31. And the time this person had the most fun anyone’s ever had while cleaning.

ID: 3433885

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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