This Telekinesis Prank Is As Terrifying As It Is Amazing

When you know it’s fake and it still scares you, you know it’s good.

1. So you’re just sat in a coffee shop checking your emails when a guy spills a drink on a girl.

ID: 1769997

2. There’s nothing too weird about that, right? Until she throws him against the wall WITH HER MIND.

ID: 1769999

3. How do you react?

ID: 1770002

4. Yep, this seems about right.

ID: 1770004


ID: 1770005

6. But it doesn’t end there.

ID: 1770006

7. Quick, take out your phone. The news channels will pay big bucks for this!

ID: 1770009

8. And it’s all finished off with a gut-wrenching scream that causes pictures and books to fly across the room. Hold me.

ID: 1770013

9. What’s that? It’s a viral video for the remake of Carrie? Err, we totally knew that…

ID: 1770035

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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