41 Curious Things You See On The Tube

Please mind the gap. And the mob of pandas.

3. Unconventional seating positions.

4. Unprecedented levels of patriotism.

5. Impressive fancy dress costumes.

6. Piss-poor fancy dress costumes.

7. Things that you really hope are fancy dress costumes.

9. Ill-advised shorts.

11. This guy and his kayak.

13. Whatever this is.

14. A T-Rex.

@MrMattBrown / Via

16. This thing that to be honest we can’t identify but is really quite cool.


@penvsidiot / Via

18. A dinner party.

19. Bendy girls.


20. Really bendy girls.

jodieduffell / Via

21. Not so bendy girls.

22. Germophobia.

cleeeo / Via

23. Iron Man.

24. People who are sick of not getting a seat.

ymajayne / Via

25. This guy taking artsy photos of some converse.

26. Twins wearing the same clothes.

peopleontheunderground / Via

27. This guy wearing no clothes.

peopleontheunderground / Via

28. Pandas.

peopleontheunderground / Via

29. Go home seats, you’re drunk.

peopleontheunderground / Via

30. This bunch of superheroes.

rachelava / Via

31. Thieves.

32. Unconventional tube maps.

peopleonthetube / Via

33. This is not the Northern Line branch you are looking for.

34. A woman dressed like an Oyster Card.

35. Things that inexplicably make you smile.

36. A fox.

37. An iguana.

38. Rihanna.

39. The Mayor.

40. The Prime Minister.

41. And of course… a nearly naked guy with a four pack of lager and a snake.

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