The 23 Greatest Things That Could Possibly Happen To A British Person

You never know, today might just turn out to be the most splendid day of your life.

1. You could accidentally find yourself here.

2. This train might spill its load.

3. Someone might let you play their piano.

4. You could have a pint of this.

5. You could NOT spend £1,900 on a Rasta banana.

6. You could find love by ringing a number on the toilet wall.

7. You could be the recipient of an impromptu swimming pool.

8. You could have the best postman ever.

9. You could encounter a waferless Kit Kat.

10. You could receive an unexpected gift from your supermarket.

11. You could find a pricing error on fish fingers.


12. Someone could write you a beautiful poem.

13. You could be offered a free beer.

14. You could find the mother-crisp.

15. It could get so warm you need to do this.

16. This could happen.

I think I just made the best cup of tea I've ever made. Now I'm scared to make another out of fear that it will be inferior! D: #teaproblems

— teavenger (@Tea Avenger)

17. You could get more than you bargained for in Sainsbury’s.

18. You could see a woman who’s dressed like an Oyster Card.

19. You could be photobombed by Stephen Hawking.

20. Someone could make the ultimate sacrifice for you.

I'll know it's love when I find someone willing to sacrifice the red/black fruit pastilles

— ellatheotter (@Ella)

21. You could buy wine from this Sunderland off licence.

22. Or meat from this butcher’s.

23. And one day, if you’re very lucky, this could happen on Countdown.

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