Simpsons Illustrator David Silverman Tweeted A Load Of Early Sketches And They’re Predictably Wonderful

Animator and Director David Silverman has been with the The Simpsons from the very beginning. This weekend he tweeted 13 sketches that date back as far as 1988.


Also found, from Burns Verkaufen der Kraftwerk (12/5/91) - my storyboard sketch for Land of Chocolate.

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

Well, now HERE'S the 1st part of that Land of Chocolate sequence, I knew it was around somewhere -

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

Wes Archer's clean up of his Marge turnaround, first season --

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

AS it is Edgar Allen Poe's 205th bday (1/19/1809) here come a few THoH Raven roughs found lyin' around --

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

Found this little worksheet, trying to figure out Bart as The Raven (two days after Poe's bday, yeah I'm late).

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

Various doodles for storyboard & layout for THoH Raven -

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

Homer pondering weak and weary, over many quaint & curious volume of forgotten lore -

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

And here's another THoH Raven ruff - Homer looks to Lenore - ohhh Lenore --

— David Silverman (@tubatron)

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