26 Reasons Saul Goodman Deserves His Own Spin-Off

A tribute to Breaking Bad’s fast-talking, crooked lawyer.

It looks like one of the best characters from one of the best TV shows has just been given his own spin-off. Here’s why.

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1. Saul helps everyone.

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2. He doesn’t discriminate. Thieves, murderers, drug dealers. He’s there for them.

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3. He’s always looking out for his clients.

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4. Even when they decide to ignore him.

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5. He’s down with the kids.

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6. But will still help out the elderly.

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7. His logic is flawless.

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8. He’s not afraid to get to the point.

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9. And he’ll tell you if you’ve gone too far.

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10. He’s a charmer.

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11. And a patriot.

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12. Who’s got some serious moves.

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13. And he takes pride in his appearance.

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14. He’s quite the film buff.

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15. And can always be relied upon to lighten up the darkest of moments.

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16. But even so, he knows when people mean business.

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17. Saul likes to put his name out there.

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18. People know exactly what type of lawyer he is.

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19. OK, so he might not be what you’d call “honest”.

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20. And he does seem to be pretty good at finding trouble.

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21. But he’s always thinking about business.

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22. He always turns up in the nick of time to save his clients.

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23. And he’s not afraid of telling the law where to go.

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24. He’s got quite a way with words.

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25. But he’s always the voice of sanity.

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26. So really, you’ve only got one option…

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