26 Exceptionally Middle Class Responses To A Power Cut

Our thoughts are with all the bottles of Chablis that had to be served at room temperature. posted on

1. Last night a sizable power cut hit the Fulham area of West London.


Massive power cut. Everyone in the road having a little natter and some tea. All very west London.

4. The power outage affected people in many different ways.

6. But the people of Fulham are strong, and dealt with the situation as best they could.

Fulham power cut and low on vino, had to resort to emergency supply of pudding wine. Thanks Mr P!

8. And for those who didn’t have alcohol?

9. Residents were quick to come up with theories as to why this had happened.

Conspiracy theories as to who to blame for #fulham #powercut 1. Milliband. 2. US Govt Shutdown. 3. The cast of MIC.

10. Ed Miliband seemed to be the primary suspect.


A brief power cut in #Fulham this evening. I think the engineer must have thought Ed Miliband was PM already...

13. Of course everyone had their own ideas.

14. And everyone’s opinions should be respected.

15. This person knew who was to blame.

16. But even the rich and famous MIC cast members themselves couldn’t escape the terror.

The whole of parsons green has gone through a monumental power cut. The world is over and out #blackout

18. A lot of people then started to make the same joke.


There's a power cut in SW6. The smell of Jo Malone candles is almost too overpowering, even for me. #sw6 #powercut

21. Or slight variations on the same joke.

22. While others improvised with whatever they had lying around.

23. Of course there were those who compared it to the blitz.

Epic power cut in Fulham. Everyone on street discussing conspiracy theories & how it's just like the blitz. Discovered we don't own a torch.


25. And one person (who probably hasn’t been to Baghdad) compared it to Baghdad.

26. But just to show that Fulham is home to real people like you and me, there was also this person.

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