15 Wedding Announcements From Couples With Deeply Unfortunate Names

Too good to be true? Let’s find out.

1. Mr. & Mrs. Traylor-Hooker.

ID: 2133993

Turns out this one is absolutely real, though it’s much less funny if you swap the names around.

ID: 2133999

2. Mr. & Mrs. Best-Lay.

Though definitive proof of this one is hard to come by, they are both (according to Facebook) very common names. They’re really not doing themselves any favours with the photo if it is, though.

ID: 2134005

3. Mr. & Mrs. Wang-Holder.

ID: 2134030

Yep. Seems legit. Though obviously they seem to have decided against the double-barrelled option.

ID: 2134031

4. Mr. & Mrs. Beaver-Wetter.

Amazing. Though the jury’s still out on this one. Both are common(ish) surnames, so why couldn’t a Beaver and a Wetter find love?

ID: 2134043

5. Mr. & Mrs. Gowen-Getter.

ID: 2134051

This Google search result seems to suggest this one is real. So he DID Gowen Getter.

ID: 2134066

6. Mr. & Mrs. Looney-Warde.

ID: 2134068

Too good to be true? Yes and no. They really got married, but the bride’s Facebook page shows that they decided to switch things around. Understandable.

ID: 2134072

7. Mr. & Mrs. Busch-Rash.

Google let us down on this one, but there are a number of Busches and Rashes.

ID: 2134076

8. Mr. & Mrs. Long-Wiwi.

ID: 2134083

We found her! Though she has sadly dropped her maiden name :(

ID: 2134084

9. Mr. & Mrs. Kuntz-Dick.

We found a Lise Renee Kuntz, but it seems like she’s now married to someone else. Poor Mr. Dick.

ID: 2134087

10. Mr. & Mrs. Fillerup-Standing.

ID: 2134089

This one HAS to be fake. Right? Wrong!

ID: 2134090

11. Mr. & Mrs. MacDonald-Berger.

Two very very common names, so we’re definitely ready to believe this one. Though now we’re really hungry.

ID: 2134093

12. Mr. & Mrs. Filler-Quick.

ID: 2134097

Not only is this one real, but it would seem they actually double-barrelled it. Splendid.

ID: 2134098

13. Mr. & Mrs. Hardy-Harr.

ID: 2134105

You couldn’t make it up. And you don’t have to, according to this news site.

ID: 2134106

14. Mr. & Mrs. Butts-McCracken.

There are plenty of Crystal Butts (yeah), and we’ve found one lucky Levi McCracken. We’re saying true.

ID: 2134107

15. Mr. & Mrs. Partee-Moore.

ID: 2134230

Turns out this pair Partee(d) pretty hard at their wedding which DID happen.

Via Area Wide News
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