Here’s Some Symbolism In "Jurassic Park" That You Almost Certainly Hadn’t Spotted

Redditor mal_tls just blew our minds.

1. Now, we’ve all seen Jurassic Park a million times, because it’s arguably one of the best Hollywood blockbusters of all time and a lawyer gets eaten while sat on the toilet.

But thanks to the internet we’ve just stumbled across some symbolism that we’d missed over and over again.

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2. At the beginning of the film Sam Neill’s character struggles to put his seatbelt on when the helicopter lands on the island.

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3. Why? Well as this image shows, he’s trying to connect two ‘female’ sides of the seatbelt, rather than one female and one male.

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4. Later in the film we then find out that there is no uncontrolled breeding on the island, because all the dinosaurs are female. A BIT LIKE THE SEATBELT.

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5. But despite having two female sides, Dr. Grant finds a way to make the seatbelt work.

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6. Just like the dinosaurs find a way to reproduce despite the fact they’re all female thanks to gender-changing frog DNA.

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7. As Dr. Malcolm says…

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