21 People Who Were Born To Do Their Jobs

Nominative determinism FTW.

1. This unfortunate athlete.

ID: 2861887

2. This firefighter.

ID: 2867680

3. This veteran.

ID: 2867711

4. This criminal.

ID: 2867678

5. This Christian guy.

ID: 2867713

6. This doctor.

ID: 2867721

7. Not to mention this one.

ID: 2868058

8. And this guy who’ll sort your back right out.

ID: 2867723

9. These brothers.

ID: 2867733

10. This guy who’ll manage your meat.

ID: 2867922

11. And this guy who’ll rob it, apparently.

ID: 2867926

12. This lawyer.

ID: 2867927

13. This NASCAR driver who’s not exactly slow.

ID: 2867933

14. This weatherman.

ID: 2868022

15. This deli manager.

ID: 2868024

16. The richest and whitest Republican of them all.

ID: 2868042

17. This expert rigger.

ID: 2868060

18. This gynecologist.

ID: 2868093

19. The police officer who couldn’t have police officered ANYWHERE else in the world.

ID: 2868098

20. This lawyer who you don’t want to get on the wrong side of.

ID: 2868100

21. And finally the world’s best correspondent.

OK, that’s a typo rather than his actual name. But just imagine if it weren’t…

ID: 2862332

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Robin Edds is special projects editor at BuzzFeed UK and is based in London.
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