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    • ridl14

      We moved to our current house, in a small cul-de-sac about 3 years ago. Next door to us is a family with 3 kids under 10, that we got on with okay, but they slowly started making ridiculous demands on other neighbours that they had no right to make (eg. claiming priority access to a through road behind our cul-de-sac, waking people up at 6am because this guy didn’t want to drive 2 seconds and use the other entrance…), loud parties with trashy music, trashy, screaming people, that went on from around midday to the early hours of the morning. Yet they would wake people up to complain about “my kids” who were apparently only selective light sleepers when their parents weren’t blasting music and shrieking from their back garden. Almost a year ago, they’d had another one of their awful drunken gatherings, all day, well past midnight. Blasting music that would be too shit for the worst nightclubs, screaming, raucous laughter, racist discussions…I didn’t get any work done in the day, and ultimately couldn’t sleep. They’d already turned their music up to MAX volume at 11pm and were screaming “This one’s called, “Screw You, Neighbours!!” SCREEWWW YOUUU!” Bear in mind, we’d never complained to them about anything at this point… After trying repeatedly to get them to come to their door before we rang the police, they ended up hanging over the back fence to talk to us, drunk out of their minds, swearing, coming back with incoherent ridiculous complaints, like that we have dogs… Long story short, the guy ended up threatening my brother (then aged 19), smashing down the fence, landing on my neck as I shielded my brother, giving me severe whiplash and dragging me into the fight, grappling, scratching and biting my brother leaving him scarred, causing further damage to our garden. What he didn’t realise is how ridiculously strong my brother is, so this 40-year-old “former street fighter (read: thug)” got grappled to the ground and restrained by a teenager. We ran into my house and called the police, he broke into the back and got to the locked kitchen door, where he sprayed blood everywhere, made death threats to my brother, and fought with his male friend who had hopped through the fence after him, to attack me. We still live next door to them, police came and he spent the night in a cell, but he got off with a caution because the courts have no money and apparently being drunk is an excuse. We’ve also had the brakes cut on our car, and the tyres slashed on our camper van since then, as well as him and his wife coming to scream harassment at my sick mother through the letterbox and over the back gate. Moving soon though, finally!

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