Prince Andrew Takes A Selfie And Ruins Selfies Forever

The royal took the picture at St James’s Palace. The internet immediately announced the death of selfies.

1. On Wednesday, Prince Andrew took a selfie and posted the image on Twitter.

ID: 2720824

2. The royal took the picture at the final of the Pitch @ Palace competition, which was set up to help students interested in launching their own start-up firms.

ID: 2720827

3. The Duke allowed mobile phones to be used in the state room at St James’s Palace for the finals of the competition.

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4. Prince Andrew was quoted by ITV before he took the selfie as saying:

This is a unique day at the Palace because we are encouraging you to use your phones and electronic gadgetry.

As a result of that I’ve decided there’s a bit of a thing going around about selfies.

ID: 2720829

5. The internet’s reaction has been pretty predictable:

ID: 2720831

Prince Andrew just tweeted a selfie from in the palace. What is this world we're living in?

— Patrick Young (@PattyWhacked)
ID: 2720832

prince andrew; like a fleshy, confused thumb

— Ed Palmer (@supertedpalmer)
ID: 2720833

@itvnews who really cares about prince andrew's selfie. I'd rather have my head chopped off.

— Jenny B (@Myfourjoys)
ID: 2720834

Prince Andrew in thumb-face-selfie shocker.

— Alan Selby (@SelbyEcho)
ID: 2720836

Where is the Samsung logo? RT @itvnews: Prince Andrew takes and tweets his selfie

— {Qev‡ (@erik_chong)
ID: 2720837

Now that Prince Andrew is taking selfies I'm looking forward even more to the govt introducing fines to deter such excesses

— Joel Taylor (@JoelTaylorMetro)
ID: 2720838

12. Prince Charles you’re up next.

ID: 2720850

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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