Photographer Captures The Lonely Existence Of Superheroes

With great power comes great loneliness.

1. French photographer Benoit Lapray has created a stunning series of shots showing superheroes looking vulnerable and lonely.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980332

2. The images show well-known comic book characters alone in stunning sceneries.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980329

3. The pictures seem to show the superheroes contemplating their lives or maybe enjoying a quiet escape from saving the world.

Benoit Lapray

Benoit Lapray

ID: 2980503

4. Lapray is quoted as saying: “Perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?”

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980336

5. The project, entitled “The Quest for Absolute”, took the French photographer four years to complete.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980334

6. To create the shots, Lapray shot people dressed up as superheroes on location or in a studio.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980338

7. For some he also photoshopped in figurines.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980337

8. Or took images from Hollywood films.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980341

9. Superman is the most photographed superhero in the series.

Benoit Lapray

With the Man of Steel’s isolated existence highlighted against the dramatic landscapes.

ID: 2980330

10. The full set of images is available to view on Lapray’s Facebook page.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980340

11. With the rest of his work displayed on his website.

Benoit Lapray
ID: 2980342

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