Man Joins Tinder As A Dog, Gets Sent Some Pretty Bizarre Messages

Hero, the golden retriever, proved a very popular match.

1. Journalist Joe Veix was feeling bored and lonely one day, so he decided to join Tinder. As a dog.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949306

2. Veix set up a profile as both a male and female golden retriever named Hero.

Joe Veix

The profile stated the 26-year-old pooch was looking for both men and women within a 100-mile radius.

Veix said he liked every profile he came across as Hero and pretty soon people began getting in touch.

ID: 2949310

3. Some played along with the joke.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949312

4. Some people bizarrely decided to act like dogs when talking to Hero.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949305

5. Others pretended to be cats.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949311

6. Some of the Tinder users tried some old chat up lines on the pretend dog.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949300

7. Inevitably some started posting explicit messages.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949299

8. Hero’s responses were slightly varied.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949308

9. Some people got a little too into it.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949302

10. Veix said the male Hero received 206 matches — 154 men and 52 women — after just four days on Tinder.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949303

11. But the profile really took off when he switched Hero to a female dog.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949304

12. In just two hours the female profile received 300 male matches.

Joe Veix
ID: 2949298

13. Veix told BuzzFeed that when he was a male dog “the responses tended to be more lighthearted and people played along with the joke”.

However, when the profile was switched to a female dog, “pretty much every message was aggressive, sad, and weird”.

ID: 2952598

14. Veix said he stopped being a female dog after just a day and subsequently deleted Tinder from his phone.

Joe Veix

He said afterwards: “Even if you’re a dog, online dating is terrible.”

ID: 2949309

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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