Daredevil Records Terrifying Video From Top Of A Skyscraper While His Friends Enjoy A Banana

Heights and selfie sticks = so much nope.

1. Photographer Daniel Lau and two of his friends decided on a rather unusual place to enjoy a tasty banana.

This video was reportedly taken from the top of the Center Skyscraper in Hong Kong.

The building is 346m (1,135ft) tall.

2. The clip shows the friends enjoying a nice fruit break.

Daniel Lau / Via youtube.com

3. But then…

Daniel Lau / Via youtube.com

4. Oh hell no!

Daniel Lau / Via youtube.com


Daniel Lau / Via youtube.com

6. The daredevil’s Instagram feed is full of similar pictures from the top of ridiculously tall structures.

7. Just…

8. Nope.

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Richard James is the UK news editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.
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