Homeless Man Burns Possessions And Sleeps In Hot Ashes To Survive Cold Temperatures

Ludvik Dolezal, 58, burns whatever he can find.

1. Ludvik Dolezal, 58, from Novy Bydzov, in the Czech Republic, has been homeless for years.


2. He claims that one day he “simply decided to quit my job” and has been living rough ever since.


3. To stay warm, the 58-year-old now burns whatever he can find.


4. Dolezal then sleeps in the ashes for warmth.


5. The 58-year-old said:

Every night I lay down with hot ash in my clothes and cover myself to keep warm. I look like hell then.

I had everything – jacket, boots, mattresses and even a duvet. But I burnt everything because there was nothing else to keep the fire going.

People help me, they bring some old tyres here for example and I burn them.

I keep the fire going all day and in the evening at 7.30 I go to sleep.

6. It is claimed Dolezai suffers from a psychological disorder that attracts him to the fire and ash.


7. The 58-year-old said he had constant breathing problems as he’s also a heavy smoker.


“I smoke cigarettes all the time, I finish one packet a day, they help me. I breathe better when I smoke,” he said.

8. Dolezal, who lives in a dilapidated farm house, is given around £81 a month in benefits from the Czech government.


The money is kept at a local store, which the 58-year-old visits every day to buy food.

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