Herd Of Hippos And Over A Hundred Crocodiles In Epic River Standoff

A battle for the ages.

1. Wildlife photographer Marc Mol captured the extraordinary moment around 140 crocodiles stood down a herd of hippos.

Marc Mol/Mercury Press

Mol took the pictures during a microlight flight over the Luangwa River in Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park.

The pictures appear to have been taken in November 2011 but were uploaded online on Monday.

ID: 2790443

2. The pictures show a dead hippo on the edge of the river surrounded by the crocodiles.

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790436

3. The herd of hippos appears to consider approaching the scene before backing away.

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790439

4. “I was up in a helicopter above the river in the early hours of the morning and my pilot John Coppinger and I saw around 100 crocodiles feasting on a dead hippo,” Mol said.

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790431

5. “The hot weather was relentless but it was likely this hippo died from anthrax which lies dormant for many years but can get stirred up if the dry season is an extended one.”

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790437

6. “What I did find that was most interesting was that the crocodiles appeared to be the only animals that were concerned with the microlight flying overhead.

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790434

7. “It was a thrilling and amazing experience, one that I’ll never forget.”

Marc Mol/Mercury Press
ID: 2790444

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