Elephant Takes A Selfie

That is all.

1. Scott Brierley decided to take a few selfies during a visit to West Midlands Safari Park as a memento of his great day out.

Latebe the elephant / rossparry.co.uk

However, he apparently then dropped his phone while in the elephant enclosure.

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2. The 23-year-old claims he was told to stay inside his car and was therefore unable to retrieve it.

Latebe the elephant / rossparry.co.uk
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3. When he was eventually reunited with his phone, Brierley was surprised to find a picture of 22-year-old elephant Latabe.

Latebe the elephant / rossparry.co.uk

“I really couldn’t believe when the phone came back, I pressed the centre button to check it was still working and there it was – me and my friend were in shock,” he said.

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4. Head keeper Andy Plumb said the “elfie” (elephant selfie) was a first for the park.

Latebe the elephant / rossparry.co.uk

“Lots of people have dropped their phones at our park but I’ve never seen anything like this,” he said.

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