Burnley Police Invite Cannabis Owner To Pick Up Their Stash At The Station

“We’re waiting.”

2. Police asked whoever thought they owned the “huge” amount of drugs found in the local area to come forward and collect it.

Unfortunately, the joke was slightly ruined when only half the hashtag worked.

5. Inspector Phil Hutchinson, of Burnley Police, is quoted by the Burnley Express as welcoming the force’s new Twitter followers:

Social media is a fantastic way for us to communicate with the community. It is a relatively new thing for us at Burnley.

Whilst some of the messages are humorous, we do send out very important messages and appeals about incidents and people missing from home.

The help of our followers means we can spread the word more quickly as we have found with some of our viral tweets so we will keep engaging the community.

8. Keep the jokes coming guys, we’re enjoying them immensely.

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