Are These The 43 Funniest GIFs Of All Time?

As chosen by Reddit.

Over the past three months, Reddit users have been asking each other: “What one GIF always makes you laugh?”

And the results have not disappointed.

You may have seen some of these before but they all remain utterly brilliant.

ID: 3420014

1. She got so close.

ID: 3420016

2. “Hey, hey… Ohhh.”

ID: 3420037

3. “I’m not going to do it. I’m not. OK, fuck it…”

ID: 3420024


This one is even better with a voiceover.

ID: 3420022

5. Never accept a weird ball from a stranger.

ID: 3420040

6. Or sit down where you shouldn’t.

ID: 3420045


ID: 3420054

8. “That is truly disgusting.”

ID: 3420052

9. This is how it’s done.

ID: 3420020

10. His whole life was building up to this moment.

ID: 3420051

11. “Seriously, don’t be an idiot.”

ID: 3420056

12. Remember, kids: Fireworks and dogs don’t mix.

ID: 3420514

13. “A cat? Where??”

ID: 3420061

14. He’s still trying.

ID: 3420064

15. “Manure. I hate manure.”

ID: 3420029


ID: 3420066

17. Well, that escalated quickly.

ID: 3420068

18. “Fuck you.”

ID: 3420069

19. “No, fuck you!”

ID: 3420071

20. Nope.

ID: 3420073

21. Bloody kids.

ID: 3420676

22. Well, if you will stand in front of the letterbox.

ID: 3420695

23. OK, that’s pretty mean (funny).

ID: 3420670

24. Talking of animal GIFs…

ID: 3420698

25. They’re all so bloody great.

ID: 3420717

33. GIFs involving kids are pretty hilarious as well.

ID: 3420713

35. And some just don’t need any words.

ID: 3420828

Insert “Firefox appears to have a problem with Windows” joke here.

ID: 3421411

43. Well done Reddit, you chose well.

ID: 3421545

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