13 World Leaders That Narendra Modi Has Tweeted At

This is what diplomacy looks like in 2014.

Modi wooed voters with holographic speeches, hashtag campaigns, and a selfie mosaic of his supporters.

Since his election on Friday, Modi apparently spent the weekend chit-chatting with major world leaders, and then recapping his conversations on Twitter. Here’s a round-up of leaders Modi has spoken with so far:

According to Twitter India, these elections were record-breaking for the platform, largely thanks to Modi. His post-victory announcement is now the most retweeted tweet from India:

Translation: India has won. Good days are on the way.

This tracker shows a map of India during the elections, geo-tracking mentions of the candidates. Modi’s mentions are in red and orange:

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A Twitter spokesperson told BuzzFeed in an email:
• There were 2 million election-related tweets from India in the 24 hours of results coverage.
• There have been 58 million election-related tweets in 2014.
• On counting day, 750,000 tweets mentioned Narendra Modi.

@NarendraModi gained the highest number of followers in a single day on the day of the results. He started at 3,986,878 and ended at 4,091,739.

STRDEL/AFP / Getty Images

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