22 Facts That Will Help You Get Through The Week

You’ve got this.

1. No matter when you’re reading this, you’re fewer than five days away from the weekend.

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2. And one-seventh of all the mornings in your life are Sunday mornings.

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3. According to some basic math, more than a quarter of a million people are having the best day of their lives right now.

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Given there are approximately 7 billion people on earth with 70 years as their average lifespan, and assuming each person can only have one “best day,” more than 250,000 people have the best day of their lives every day.

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4. The average 4-year-old will ask 437 questions today.

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5. And the average adult will laugh 17 times today.

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6. The odds of you existing are basically zero. And you do anyway, you miracle, you.

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7. There’s an entire corner of the internet where strangers are buying pizza for one other out of the goodness of their hearts.

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8. And another corner of the internet where this pug will lick your screen forever.

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9. At some point in the next 365 days, you’ll have an excuse to throw a party exclusively in your own honor.

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10. “Like” buttons on Facebook will be clicked approximately 4.5 billion times today.

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11. And the word “love” has been tweeted hundreds of times since you started reading this sentence.

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12. No matter where you are and when you’ll get to it, your bed is always waiting for you at home.

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13. And at some point in the next 24 hours, you’ll be able to take your pants off.

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14. All your favorite childhood shows are saved and available for you to revisit whenever you want.

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And you can reread your favorite books whenever you want too.

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15. The file name of this image, famous as the default wallpaper for Windows computers, is “Bliss.”

The hill in the photograph is in Sonoma, Calif.

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16. A few years ago, someone was awesome enough to carry an entire human in their belly for nine months, just so you could exist.

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17. Speaking of which, 370,000 babies will be born today and they will all learn how to laugh before they learn how to speak.


Just like you did.

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18. There’s a chance that your favorite song hasn’t been written yet, or is being written right now.

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19. Statistically, you are getting happier as you get older.

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“A study published by the American National Academy of Sciences, based on a survey of 341,000 people, found that enjoyment of life dwindled throughout early adulthood but began an upward trend in the late forties, and continued to increase until reaching a peak at 85.”

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20. Even if you’re having the worst hour, day, or week of your life, it will end soon and be insignificant.

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21. A lot of very successful people have had weeks that really, really, really sucked.

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Tim Allen used to sell cocaine in prison, Zach Galifianakis used to be a busboy at a strip club, and J.K. Rowling used to be on welfare.

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So take a cue from Pooh and pull yourself together.

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22. Hint: Being kind is a sure-shot way to increase your own happiness immediately. So, for instant joy, send this to someone who needs it.

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And, if all else fails, press this button.

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