A New Jersey Restaurant Will Give Out Free Food If Narendra Modi Is Elected Prime Minister Of India

“He’s already won in so many people’s hearts. He’s won already for me.”

Bombay Spice II, a restaurant in Edison, N.J., will give out free pakodas on May 16 if Narenda Modi is elected the prime minister of India.

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India’s month-long election results are due to be announced on Friday, May 16.

Gayatri Patel, the owner of the restaurant, has lived in the U.S. for 11 years and is an American citizen. In a phone call to BuzzFeed she said, “It doesn’t matter whether we live here or in India, I still care about my country, and I am just supporting my country to have a better leader.” Patel said she admired Modi’s thinking and believed he would bring India progress.

“I think he’s going to do something good for the country and I’m looking forward to it,” she said.

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In particular, the restaurant will be handing out Methi Pakodas, a fried fenugreek snack native to Modi’s home state of Gujarat.


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“I just visited the country from January to March and there’s a huge difference in the state of Gujarat,” Patel continued. “He did so much there. I saw a lot of development. I see a better future if he’s going to be the P.M. of India.”

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Modi has been surrounded by controversy for the duration of his campaign.

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In particular, his Hindu fundamentalist views have raised concerns about the safety of Muslims. During his term as Chief Minister of Gujarat, thousands of people, mostly Muslims, died at the hands of communal violence in the state.

Regardless, he is a frontrunner in these elections, and predicted to win.

“He’s already won in so many people’s hearts,” Patel said. “He’s won already for me.”

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