This Is The Creepiest Thing To Come Out Of India’s Elections

I’m trying to mask my fear, but can’t.

1. So, ICYMI: India is nearing the end of its general elections, which have been remarkable for a lot of reasons.

• They were the hugest democratic elections of all time, with over 800 million eligible voters.
• They were revolutionary for India, in terms of youth participation and the use of social media in politics.
• They’ve brought women and gender issues to the mainstream political conversation.
• They will determine the Prime Minister and ruling party for India for the next 5 years, therefore arguably being one of the most pivotal political moments for the world today.

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2. These elections have also been particularly interesting because of the candidates, who are incredibly divisive.

Punit Paranjpe/Raveendran/AFP

Left: Rahul Gandhi, a notoriously unintelligent political heir, who almost certainly won’t win.
Right: Narendra Modi, a Hindu fundamentalist, who probably will.

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3. But whatever. Politics schmolitics. This is the important part: Click if you dare, to see some creepy shit.

Via Noah Seelam / AFP / Getty Images
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4. So, here’s the deal. To show their support, Indians are wearing masks of their favorite politicians…

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images
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5. And it’s leading to some truly creeptastic situations, like all of these Modis dancing together.

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images
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6. And all of these kids whose faces have been replaced by Rahul’s, with blackholes for eyes.

Via Himanshu Vyas / Hindustan Times via Getty Images
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7. And these patriots, who probably picked Modi at the polling booth, who now have three bizarre heads each.

Via Sam Panthaky / AFP / Getty Images
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8. These Gandhi believers are overcome by political fervor! And they’re terrifying.

Via Bijo Boro / AFP / Getty Images
ID: 2921275

9. This child will grow up to be a fanatical BJP supporter. And he will visit you every night in your dreams until then.

Via Arun Sharma / Hindustan Times via Getty Images
ID: 2921280

10. And these two dear friends, who believe in Modi’s political agenda, could moonlight as horror movie extras.

Via Kevin Frayer / Getty Images
ID: 2921122

11. This dude thinks Rahul Gandhi will lead India to glory. And he has also been possessed by the devil.

Via Kevin Frayer / Getty Images
ID: 2921097

12. This guy can’t wait for Modi to be Prime Minister. And also murder you in your sleep.

ID: 2921082

13. Here is the nightmarish sari-clad Modi nobody needed or asked for.

Via AH Zaidi / Hindustan Times via Getty Images
ID: 2921358

14. These voters are with Modi until the very end. And R.I.P. you.

Via Arun Mondhe / Hindustan Times via Getty Images
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