The New Fox News Set Has Inspired The Best New Meme On The Internet

Beam us up, Shep Smith. posted on

1. Fox News anchor Shepard Smith unveiled a new set today, a futuristic room of giant iPad-like screens that make their ever-present staff look like the cast of The Magic School Bus.

Either Fox News just bought a bunch of gigantic iPads or they employ very, very tiny people.

5. The “Fox News Deck” blew viewers’ minds.

7. At first, commentary was mostly just playfully snarky.

Shep Smith will now demonstrate the firepower of this fully armed and operational battle station. via @sfiegerman

The giant iPads in the new fox news studio remind us of Magic Screen from Pee Wee's Playhouse

11. But it wasn’t long before folks offered up other ways to use the larger-than-life tablets.

13. Solitaire, anyone?

15. This could be a long game.

17. HuffPo got one-upped.

20. Gravity 2: Shep in Space.

Am I the only one that thinks the new Shep set looks like the bridge of a spaceship? #ShepShip

As USS Shep Smith is launched into space, CNN has also launched a competitor breaking news center --> @EWErickson

25. Fox News wants to know if you want your news via the red pill or the blue pill.

27. Dammit, Microsoft.

So what did everyone think of the #foxnewsdeck? We're working now to bring you an even better show tomorrow!

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