The Best Food Inventions Of The Year

It was a watershed year for innovative “food products” all around the world.

DIVISION I: General Excellence

ID: 735299

1. BBQ Bacon Wrapstar (KFC Canada)

I legitimately don’t comprehend what this food item is.

ID: 735023

2. Fish McBites (McDonald’s)

Would eat.

ID: 734613

3. Beefy Nacho Burrito (Taco Bell)

Wouldn’t not eat.

ID: 735064

4. Breakfast Waffle Sandwich (Jack In The Box)

ID: 734912

5. Shrimp Stars (KFC Singapore)

These are adorable!

ID: 734950

6. Chili Cheese Fritos Coney Dog (Sonic)

ID: 734804

7. A.M. Crunchwrap (Taco Bell)

The day hasn’t really started until you’ve had a tortilla full of eggs and hash browns.

ID: 734796

8. Pizzabon (Cinnabon)

This magical creation doesn’t seem to have made it outside one test location in an Atlanta mall. R.I.P. Pizzabon.

ID: 734663

9. Doritos Locos Taco (Taco Bell)

Full disclosure: I’ve eaten this. 10/10, would eat again.

ID: 734419


This seems to include anything you can put between two round discs of bread-like substance.

ID: 735154

10. Cheese-Top Burger (KFC Philippines)

ID: 734867

11. Fry Lover’s Burger (Checker’s/Rally’s)

Won’t lie, have DIYed this on some burgers in my time.

ID: 734410

12. “Kuro” Burger (Burger King Japan)

Black is the new normal-bun-colored.

ID: 735246

13. Angry Whopper (Burger King)

Angry = spicy. Technically a re-release in honor of the Whopper’s 55th anniversary, which is, like, not a real anniversary.

ID: 734476

14. Ice Cream Brrrger (Carl’s Jr.)

A test subject that never made it national, as far as we know. Like a regular ice cream cookie sandwich except with way more creepy icing!

ID: 735042

15. Lobster & Caviar Burger (Wendy’s Japan)

Anchoring the delightful new “Ocean Premium” line.

ID: 734638

16. Memphis BBQ Burger (Carl’s Jr.)

Excuse me, I think my burger needs more pulled pork on it. Oh, and maybe a few onion rings.

ID: 734784

17. “Gracoro” Burger (McDonald’s Japan)

Somehow they knew the world had been yearning for more shrimp and mac ‘n’ cheese patties.

ID: 735238

18. Fiery Ghost Burger (Red Robin)

Made with the ghost pepper, which is some really crazy hot pepper or something.

ID: 734829

19. Pumpkin Burger (Burger King Japan)

LOL remember when pumpkin was the new bacon?

ID: 734981


Have to hand it to Pizza Hut for their non-stop worldwide development of incoherent and yet totally mesmerizing pizza products. They win 2012 for weird shit, hands down.

ID: 735116

20. Cheeseburger Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut Middle East)

ID: 734556


ID: 734771

21. P’Zolo (Pizza Hut)

Watch out, Subway.

ID: 734590

22. Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza (Pizza Hut UK)

The most upsetting part of this is the idea of paying for a “mustard drizzle.*

ID: 734561

23. Overstuffed Pizza (Pizza Hut)

ID: 734592

24. Garlic Bread Pizza (Pizza Hut)

Brilliant in its simplicity.

ID: 734812

25. Cheesy Bites Pizza (Pizza Hut)

From the official Gizmodo review: “The knots are not very ergonomic, and they feel bad in the hand. Luckily, you can eat the parts that do not feel good in the hand.”

ID: 734552

26. Kit Kat Pops (Pizza Hut Middle East)

At what point do we begin to suspect that Pizza Hut is just messing with us?

ID: 734939

27. Double Sensation Pizza (Pizza Hut Singapore)

STOP STOP JUST STOP also please bring to America

ID: 764964


These treats distinguished themselves in a rapidly-expanding category.

ID: 735091

28. Cookie Sandwich (Taco Bell)

My private theory as to why it’s triangular is so that it looks more like a tortilla chip?

ID: 734625

29. Cheesecake On A Stick (White Castle)

Because plates and forks have monopolized the cheesecake scene for way too long.

ID: 735087

30. Strawberry Churro (Del Taco)

This reviewer is unsure why it’s a different color than the regular churro. Spooky.

ID: 734521

31. Chocolate Nachos (El Pollo Loco)

NBD, just a nice light 1,100-calorie snack.

ID: 734601

32. Bacon Sundae (Burger King)

At least one woman in the world really, really enjoyed this.

ID: 734579

h/t to Foodbeast and HuffPost Food for consistently stellar research on fast food innovation. Did we miss anything important? Chime in!

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