28 Breakfast In Bed Ideas To Make Your Mom’s Day

It’s basically impossible to screw up Mother’s Day breakfast in bed. You could bring her a cold Pop-Tart and she’d STILL love it.

1. First step: Find a fun tray to put everything on.

Here’s where to get these:

1) Tiffany large oak breakfast tray, Habitat, $53
2) Reclaimed wood ottoman tray, Etsy, $42
3) Scandinavian print tea and breakfast tray, Etsy, $36
4) Printed wooden breakfast trays, Etsy, $34
5) Repurposed yellow chalkboard tray, Etsy, $36
6) Blue wooden chalkboard tray, Etsy, $39
7) Breakfast tray, Pottery Barn, $129
8) Fiona teak tray, DWR, $145

ID: 1098272

2. You can DIY a cute one by lining an old suitcase lid with wallpaper scraps.

Instructions here.

ID: 1098117

3. Or upcycling an old wooden crate.

More info here.

ID: 1092481

4. Bento-style boxes keep things tidy.

ID: 1092537

Next up: FOOD.

Get the recipes for these nice things here.

ID: 1088396

5. No mom could resist her very own Dutch baby pancake.

Get the recipe for these raspberry babies here

ID: 1097689

6. Or an individually baked egg.

Excellent for transporting upstairs. Get the recipe here.

ID: 1097660

7. Soft-boiled is also a good egg option because you can put it in an adorable egg cup.

Here’s how to do it.

ID: 1100709

8. Egg cups are a deeply under-appreciated genre of dish. Will you just LOOK at this tiny bird on a branch!

Buy it here.

ID: 1100799

9. A yogurt parfait with granola is Very Nice.

Go ahead, make your own granola!

ID: 1092247

10. Bonus points for using twee little jars.

These are baby Weck jars.

ID: 1088417

11. Not feeling the whole “fits-in-a-cup” thing? Just stack some deliciousness on a pretty plate.

Get this recipe at Joy The Baker and check out more exciting waffle varieties over here.

ID: 1097593

12. Or skip straight to the good stuff: dessert.

Oh gosh, hello, you tiny little berry tart!

ID: 1092507

13. A croissant with jam and tea will make her just as happy as an elaborate meal.

ID: 1092242

14. BREAKING NEWS: You’re The Best, Mom

Get the recipe for these almond croissants here.

ID: 1091884

Just make sure you don’t get schmutz on the crossword.

ID: 1091904

15. And honestly, even if you skip the whole tray deal and just bring her a doughnut, she’s still going to be pretty thrilled.

Because it’s a DOUGHNUT. In BED.

ID: 1088300

Level 3: Beverages!

ID: 1099467

16. Serve juice in a little bottle with a lid to prevent any spillage in transit.

Weck juice jar set, Terrain, $24

ID: 1099096

17. Mix a non-alcoholic spritzer if mom’s not into booze before noon.

Get the recipe for this rosemary-lemon number here.

ID: 1099550

18. Or forget temperance and get down to business.

With a rhubarb mojito, no less.

ID: 1099553

19. Make coffee in an individual-size pot so she can refill at will.

And so you don’t have to keep carrying cups of hot coffee up and down the stairs.

ID: 1099480

20. Serve tea in a pretty teacup that doubles as a Mother’s Day gift.

Clockwise from top left:

Evenings In Quito cup and saucer, Anthropologie, $16
Spare Stripe mug, Terrain, $24
Old Havana mug, Anthropologie, $12

ID: 1099087

21. Ditto for the teapot.

Clockwise from top left:

My Teapot, Howkapow, $70
Daydream Teapot, Teaposy, $26 - perfect for these pretty blooming flower teas
Large Teapot, Heath, $196

ID: 1098304

22. DIY a mug with an original mom-relevant illustration.

Moms LOVE it when you draw stuff for them! All you need to do this is a mug, pencil, paper, and a porcelain marker.

ID: 1099212

23. Give tea and feelings at the same time with this origami teabag card.

Get it on Etsy.

ID: 1099342

24. Whatever else is going on, flowers are key.

ID: 1088380

25. Preferably in a pretty vase that she can keep.

These are by The Awesome Project.

ID: 1099531

26. Flowers made out of paper are great because they last forever.

Get these on Etsy.

ID: 1099543

27. Flowers made out of food are great because they DON’T last forever.

Get the instructions for this cute breakfast here.

ID: 1091849

28. Balloons are great, IF you’re a ninja who can somehow arrange balloons all over a bed without waking up the person in it?

ID: 1092458

The good news is that no matter what it looks or tastes like, the simple act of putting food on a tray and bringing it to your mother will be more than enough.

Because she loves breakfast, but she loves YOU even more.

ID: 1092680

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