16 Reasons To End It All If Hostess Goes Out Of Business

The company threatened to shut down due to a strike. Why bother existing if there aren’t any more Twinkies?

1. The golden glow of Twinkies will be extinguished forever.

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2. And with it, the magic of fried Twinkies.

Here’s how to make them. And here are some other Twinkie recipes that are really important.

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3. Ding Dongs will be a thing of the past.

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4. Which also means no more fried Ding Dongs.

God forbid.

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5. You’ll have to go back to eating awkward, enormous Fruit Pies instead of tiny ones.

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6. You can kiss Honey Buns goodbye.

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7. And forget about experiencing “the gift of a lifetime”: a Honey Bun with cheese.

In Rick Ross’s world, this is real.

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8. Sno Balls? Ancient History.

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9. That means you’ll never be able to stick Sue and Joe’s place cards in Sno Balls again.

This is pretty complex, you might want to use the official recipe.

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10. You’ll never bite into another Zinger.

Did not know the Zinger existed until today, but I’m already mourning it.

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11. No more Ho Hos!

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12. Which rules out the traditional Ho Ho Yule Log dessert this year.

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13. Big fan of Mini Muffins? Too bad.

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14. Yes that’s right, ALL THREE flavors will be gone.

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15. The elusive Chocodile will finally go extinct.

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16. Come on, let’s face it: If you know you’ll never eat another Cupcake, what is there to get out of bed for?

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