The Many Celebrity Derp Faces

Stars, they’re just like us: they derp every now and then, too.

1. The Spring Breakers Derp by Selena Gomez

Ian Gavan /__username__

2. The Handsome Derp by George Clooney

Francois Durand /__username__

3. The Feeling 22 Derp by Taylor Swift


4. The Sherlock Derp by Benedict Cumberbatch

5. You’ve Got That One Derp by Harry Styles


6. The Winky Derp by Lindsay Lohan

Juan Rico /__username__

7. The Russian President Derp by Vladimir Putin

Jochen Luebke / AP

8. The Oscar Derp by Jennifer Lawrence and Anne Hathaway

Jason Merritt /__username__

9. The Wolf Derp by Tyler Posey

Frederick M. Brown /__username__

10. The Hamm Derp by Jon Hamm

11. The Crazy Eyed Derp by Adele

Jason Merritt /__username__

12. The Selfie Derp by Brooklyn Decker

13. The Olympian Derp by Ryan Lochte

Clive Rose /__username__

14. The Sasha Fierce Derp by Beyonce

TIMOTHY A. CLARY /__username__

15. The Supermodel Derp by Cara Delevingne

DAVE M. BENETT /__username__

16. The Exit Derp by Emily Blunt

Jason Merritt /__username__

17. The Mid-Jig Derp by Robert Downey Jr.

API /__username__

18. The Biking Derp by Elizabeth Olsen

Splash News

19. The Jersey Shore Derp by Snookie and Pauly D

Christopher Polk /__username__

20. The Queen of Derp: Jennifer Lawrence

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