Meet The Man, The Myth, The Painter Of John Stamos

You might not believe it, but artist Jim Warren is self-taught.

1. Meet Jim Warren.

ID: 1350309

2. Jim is the man who painted this magnificent tribute to actor John Stamos.

ID: 594496

3. The masterpiece is approved by the man himself.

ID: 1350320

4. Jim also did one of Kristen Chenoweth.

ID: 929829

5. Steve Jobs, too.

ID: 1350847

6. Jim believes in love.

ID: 594460

8. Even the forbidden love between rock and foam.

ID: 1350428

9. Jim doesn’t believe in littering.

ID: 594483

10. Jim loves horse creatures.

ID: 594480

16. Jim definitely appreciates the female form.

ID: 594493

19. This one’s called “Sexual Explosion” and was banned from public exhibition in the U.S. back in the ’70s.

ID: 1350515

20. Just a guess but Jim’s favorite Batman villain was probably Two-Face.

ID: 1350549

25. Jim believes that children are our future.

ID: 1350622

28. Or maybe Jim belives the children have no future. It’s hard to tell.

ID: 1350659

30. Anyway, here’s to you, Jim Warren.

ID: 1350850

31. Keep doing what you do.

ID: 1350854

32. And when you get the chance…

ID: 1350870

33. … paint one of Saget.

ID: 1350885

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