This Wholesale Fashion Site Could Be The Answer To Your Wardrobe Needs

In case you weren’t aware, is an online marketplace for Chinese retailers with some surprisingly fashion-forward pieces to be had for CHEAP. Buy at your own risk.

Just a little precursory note on shipping…

Most of the prices include shipping, or can be shipped at $1 or less. Some items require minimum purchases. The downside is that an “on-time shipping quote” is, on average, 39 days. So think about whether you’ll still really want this item if it arrives in a month or more. And much like the way eBay or Amazon marketplace works, there’s always the possibility of getting scammed. Read this handy guide to ensure your purchase goes as seamlessly as possible.

ID: 1543059

1. Cat Backpack, $16


Get it here.

ID: 1542554

2. Golden Bones Bracelet, $2

Available here.

ID: 1542621

3. Little Lady Liquid Eyeliner, $2.40

ID: 1542482

Also available in panda.

ID: 1542714

4. Egyptian Motif Print Sweatshirt, $34.90

Just think: it probably costs twice this much from Urban Outfitters. Get it here.

ID: 1542498

5. Cloud Print “Leisure Suit,” $30.99

Get it here.

ID: 1542530

6. Cut-Out Angel Wings T-Shirt, $9

This top is probably at least a few dollars cheaper than a comparable Forever 21 tee.

ID: 1542535

7. Comic Book Inspired Knit “Leisure Suit,” $30

Is this the perfect job interview outfit?? Get it here.

ID: 1542560

8. Men’s Lace-Up Canvas Boat Shoes, $20

SO HERITAGE. Get them here.

ID: 1542563

9. Two-Tone Denim Jacket, $23

Totally channeling some vintage Canadian tuxedo NSYNC looks. Get it here.

ID: 1542567

10. Digital Floral Print Cap, $16

Available here.

ID: 1542578

11. Pizza Crop Top, $12

Is this unisex? I sure hope so. Get it here.

ID: 1542615

12. 24-Piece Makeup Brush Set, $16

Seems legit. Available here.

ID: 1542631

13. Set of 6 Cat Lipsticks, $13


For the cost of less than ONE PAUL AND JOE cat lipstick. Get it here.

ID: 1542657

14. Cat Pillow, $36

Available here.

ID: 1542658

15. Boyfriend Gradient Jeans, $20

Get ‘em here.

ID: 1542663

16. Chalkboard Wooden Pencil Box, $10

Get it here.

ID: 1542717

17. Casual Bat-Wing Sweatshirts, $7

SEVEN DOLLARS. That’s like, only slightly more than a venti cookie crumble frappuccino with extra mocha. Get one here.

ID: 1542723

18. Elk Collar Tips, $16

Available here.

ID: 1542767

19. Unicorn Earrings, $1

ONE FRIGGIN’ DOLLAR. Small price to pay for this magical equine accessory. Get ‘em here.

ID: 1542787

20. Transparent Rain Boots, $34

Show off your impeccable sock collection. Get them here.

ID: 1542815

21. Cut-Out Design Ring, $14

Get it here.

ID: 1542882

22. Round Sunglasses, $16

Basically $16 versions of $200 sunglasses. Available here.

ID: 1542812

23. Sushi USB, $7-$22

Get it here.

ID: 1542901

24. Silver-Tipped Silky Sweatshirt, $17

Get it here.

ID: 1542917

25. Patent Leather Buckle Shoes, $32

If you can find a good pair of fall shoes for $32, you’ve pretty much won at life. Get them here.

ID: 1542926

26. High-Waisted Floral Skirt, $11.99

Get this here.

ID: 1542932

Also available in cat print.

ID: 1544354

28. Acrylic Brooches, 92 Cents Apiece

Get them here.

ID: 1542951

29. Hiker Ankle Boots for Men, $29


Get these here.

ID: 1542963

30. Norman Rockwell Print Dress, $26

Get it here.

ID: 1542969

31. Jeffrey Campbell-esque Platform Sandals, $38

Available here.

ID: 1542979

32. Fierce Rottweiler Print Shirt, $18

So Givenchy it hurts. Get it here.

ID: 1542999

33. Daisy-Print Babydoll Dress, $17

Get it here.

ID: 1543011

34. Simple Skater Dress, $9

Get it here.

ID: 1543037

35. High-Waisted Jean Shorts, $13

Plain and simple, the jorts dreams are made of. Available here.

ID: 1543096

36. Candy Wrapper Clutch Bag, $45

In case you couldn’t get your hands on the Maison Martin Margiela for H&M version. Get it here.

ID: 1543103

37. Rainy Day Tights, $8

Get these here.

ID: 1543116

38. Krusty the Klown Print Denim Top, $36

Get it here.

ID: 1543210

39. Pleather Track Pants, $17


They may as well be Alexander Wang.

ID: 1544000

40. Umbrella Print Blouse, $15

Get it here.

ID: 1544009

41. Holographic Clutch

Get it here.

ID: 1544033

42. Army Hooded Anorak, $45

The perfect fall jacket. Get it here.

ID: 1544021

43. Hooded Wool Coat, $60

The perfect winter jacket. Available here.

ID: 1544043

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