20 Things That Will Help You Through Your Long Distance Relationship

The distance sure isn’t easy, but it’s worth every moment.

1. A Dual Dial Watch

Now you always know what time it is ~there~ at a glance. Buy it here.

ID: 2357273

2. The DIY Version

Get the instructions here.

ID: 2357379

3. A Way to Watch Movies Together

Use an app like Synaptop to watch movies together, or you can enter a Google Hangout and watch YouTube Live content together on the screen.

ID: 2357289

4. Bed Specs

So you can lie in bed while you Gchat each other on your laptop before you fall asleep. Buy them here.

ID: 2357301

5. Kisses in a Jar

A very sweet way to countdown the days, especially if your loved one is deployed overseas.

ID: 2357389

6. A Card Deck of “I Love You’s”

This DIY is not only super sentimental, but it’s compact enough that it can be easily mailed for Valentine’s Day.

ID: 2357394

7. A Book of Your Emails to Each Other

You can purchase these from Memeoirs.

ID: 2357411

8. A Countdown Clock

You can download a template that lets you print and cut out your own customizable face. Available here for $13.

ID: 2357420

9. An Imprint <3 Message Ring

The important thing is that you know it’s there. Available in silver or gold here.

ID: 2357431

10. “Patience” Engraved Bracelet

As seen in the movie Like Crazy. Get it here.

ID: 2357463

11. Scratch-Off Map

If your loved one travels a lot, or you meet each other in all sorts of exotic places, this scratch-off map lets you commemorate all the amazing places you’ve been. Get it here for $20.

ID: 2357507

12. “Open When…” Bundle of Letters

Give them something to look forward to with a big stack of “open when…” letters. You can even tuck in little treats, surprises, or photos to make them extra special.

ID: 2357387

13. The Valentie


This tie has a tiny pocket for sweet nothings. Buy it here.

ID: 2357536

14. State Rings

Be reminded of ~home~ with a state ring from Etsy.

ID: 2357568

15. Mail a Hug

You can actually stick stamps on a pillow and put it in the mailbox.

ID: 2357649

16. The Engraved Distance Ring

Get it here.

ID: 2357545

17. A Latitude/Longitude Necklace

Commemorate your loved one’s whereabouts. Get it here.

ID: 2357540

18. A Heart Attack

You can make and send this adorable surprise for your long distance Valentine.

ID: 2357787

19. The TapTap Wristband

It’s a wristband helps people connect through vibrations. Couples can send each other secret coded messages via taps. Coming in summer 2014.

ID: 2358056

20. Matching Shirts

Wear them apart, wear them together.

ID: 2357806

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