The 10 Best Feelings In The World

As demonstrated by cats.

1. Slipping Into Bed After A Long Day

ID: 208252

2. Spooning

ID: 208257

3. Finally Eating Food When You’re Starving

Especially if it’s pizza.

ID: 208259

4. Taking Your Bra Off At The End Of The Day

ID: 208262

5. A Long Stretch The Morning After You’ve Gotten More Than Enough Rest

ID: 208266

6. Holding Your Crush’s Hand For The First Time

ID: 208276

7. Running Your Tongue Over Your Newly Cleaned Teeth

ID: 208282

8. Laughing Til Your Stomach Hurts

ID: 208284

9. When Someone Scratches Your Back

ID: 208288

10. Waking Up And Then Realizing It’s Saturday

ID: 208290

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